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I am a monkey mommy myself, my little guy was my inspiration for my book. Over the past almost 10 months of his life, his father and I have laughed countless times at how often he seems more monkey than baby, and he often responds even better to “Monkey” then his own name. I had an epiphany while reading to him before bed- a flash of a story of parents who brought home a monkey instead of a baby. I pretty much immediately started taking notes on all my little guy’s monkey ways.  As I wrote the outline to create an ending for the monkey baby, the story really started coming together. The funny thing was, as I created scenes to fill in the story, some of the events started coming true. My little monkey man started having a hard time already playing with the other babies, they don’t know how to play along with his curious and spunky nature. Being loved and accepted for who you is a powerful feeling. It is a struggle many go through at some point in their lives, and it begins in childhood. I wanted to address this in my book, encouraging children to have hope, celebrate their uniqueness, and to be happy with themselves for who they are.

What makes you unique? What is your monkey side that people love about you?

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