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Posted By On 12 Nov 2014

So I missed posting this yesterday, it’s just a little fun Youtube Series of FAKE Ads for “Thingstarter” which is a play on Kickstarter where I will be posting this book for funding. These Ads poke fun at some of the unfortunate Kickstarter projects that are based on not-so-great ideas that don’t get funded. The […]


Posted By On 10 Nov 2014

It’s time for the FIRST BIG CHARACTER REVEAL! On Friday we revealed one of the verses, but who was talking? It was GRANDMA! At the beginning of the #storysofunky baby monkey’s grandma doesn’t understand him, she doesn’t know how to cope with him…and she’s not shy about expressing her feelings. What do you think about Grandma? […]


Posted By On 07 Nov 2014

Well little Monkeys I CAVED and here it is your FIRST SNEAK PEEK into the book! It’s a rhyming book of course and it’s super cute I hope you like it! Can you guess who’s talking? What do you think about the first verse released?

Why this story?

Posted By On 06 Nov 2014

I am a monkey mommy myself, my little guy was my inspiration for my book. Over the past almost 10 months of his life, his father and I have laughed countless times at how often he seems more monkey than baby, and he often responds even better to “Monkey” then his own name. I had an […]

Website Is Up! Socials Are Up! Here we Go!

Posted By On 05 Nov 2014

I guess this Blog will be a bit backwards. I already announced the beginning of this journey on my personal blog ottawaphotomom.com but thought I would save the rest of the fun tidbits for here. It’s REALLY happening now. I’m just over two weeks out until the media campaign revs up, and three and a […]