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Where’s Daddy?

Posted By On 04 Dec 2014

As a daddy’s girl myself (I even have my late poppa tattoo’d on my arm) I know how important dads are to a child’s journey. When looking for books for my little guy I found in most stories that daddy is lost in the background or not even present. There are of course books dedicated […]


Posted By On 07 Nov 2014

Well little Monkeys I CAVED and here it is your FIRST SNEAK PEEK into the book! It’s a rhyming book of course and it’s super cute I hope you like it! Can you guess who’s talking? What do you think about the first verse released?

Why this story?

Posted By On 06 Nov 2014

I am a monkey mommy myself, my little guy was my inspiration for my book. Over the past almost 10 months of his life,┬áhis father and I have laughed countless times at how often he seems more monkey than baby, and he often responds even better to “Monkey” then his own name. I had an […]