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Where’s Daddy?

Posted By On 04 Dec 2014

As a daddy’s girl myself (I even have my late poppa tattoo’d on my arm) I know how important dads are to a child’s journey. When looking for books for my little guy I found in most stories that daddy is lost in the background or not even present. There are of course books dedicated […]

fab baby gear event

Posted By On 29 Nov 2014

Wowoweewow what a whirlwind day!!! Thank you so much to Fab Baby Gear for the wonderful opportunity to come and read along to their littlest customers, revealing the WHOLE Story So Funky! I loved partaking in the great cause of shopping locally for the Yellow Pages Shop The Neighbourhood. You can check out the photos […]

Song Complete

Posted By On 27 Nov 2014

Well my little monkeys, sorry for the brief hiatus, I am now one less gallbladder and one MORE song for this wonderfully funky project! T-2 days until the BIG REVEAL of the WHOLE STORY at Fab Baby Gear during Shop The Neighbourhood this weekend and T-4 days until the launch of the project on Kickstarter! […]

Sweet Treats for the Premiere Reading!

Posted By On 21 Nov 2014

Great News Little Monkeys! I have secured some delicious treats from a local online bakery for you to munch on while listening to the very first reading! The lovely ladies Sabrina & Cindy of Sweet Shop & Bakery will be preparing us some adorable monkey-inspired purple pops to nosh! AND I have decided I will be […]

Top Five FREE Ways to Celebrate Universal Children’s Day

Posted By On 20 Nov 2014

Happy Universal Children’s Day!!! What is Universal Children’s Day you ask? (It’s not terribly celebrated in Canada) Well it was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the well-being of Children on November 20th in 1925 and then established universally in 1954 to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to […]


Posted By On 17 Nov 2014

Here it is my little monkeys! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The BIG REVEAL of what the baby monkey looks like! Monkey is funky and spunky, fluffy and scruffy but it can be trouble! Check out details below for your chance to hear the story about the monkey BEFORE it’s even published!!!! Click here for the: BIG […]

Monkey’s First Snowfall!

Posted By On 16 Nov 2014

Our little monkey, the inspiration for the book experienced his first snowfall today in Ottawa. We took him for a walk and to play in the snow. With his little pirate mittens he waddled between daddy’s legs and stared in awe at the beautiful cold little white flecks falling from the sky. It is wonderful […]

Story So Funky to Shop The Neighbourhood!

Posted By On 14 Nov 2014

I’m Sooooooo excited to announce that Story So Funky will be participating in “Shop The Neighbourhood” which is happening all across Canada! Discover authentic local gems in your neighbourhood carefully curated by one of your community ambassadors. What better way to enjoy the spirit of the season than by attending the premiere reading: a FULL Sneak […]

Every-Monkey-Day Superhero

Posted By On 14 Nov 2014

Loved having a chat with fellow Ottawa children’s book author Natasha Grey who wrote “Everyday Superheroes”. This is another book which also has proceeds going to CHEO, and also celebrates the special differences we all have inside us. She is a phenomenal woman with a beautiful home and a wonderful little superhero who had a […]

Accompanying Song Complete!

Posted By On 13 Nov 2014

Well little monkeys I have been hard at work co-writing a song with you, I had a jam session with the song writer/performer the talented local Ottawa musician Jon Adachi on Tuesday and have just heard back from him that he has completed the song and will hopefully be recording it over the next week. […]